Travel Review

Hey guys,  our trip is approaching fast!  Here is a travel tip review:

Airport Walk-Thru

  • If traveling with others, check-in together – hand all your tickets and passports over
  • Confirm at initial check-in your bags will go to final destination!
  • Still — check the Jo’burg Baggage Carousel before catching your flight to Vic Falls

Carrying your Money & Tipping

  • Carry a small wad of $1 bills apart from your money belt or money pouch
  • Your money belt should carry the bulk of your money
  • Your pouch should carry your passport, Driver’s License, Tickets, small bills, etc.
  • Never go into your money belt in public — Pull out enough money in advance
  • Fanny Packs scream “here are all my valuables”  Stay away from them! 
  • Tip $1 per bag for baggage handling at the airports and during transfers

Check out Rick Steves’ website for traveling with money:

Check out different styles of money belts and pouches:

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