Johannesburg, South Africa

Sunday, September 02, 2007 – 21:52


He all, I’ve reached Johannesburg, South Africa!


Man that flight doesn’t get any shorter!


I arrived around 17:30 (5:30p.m.) local time…about 45 minutes behind schedule.

When I checked-in at SFO at the United baggage check-in, the baggage handler informed me that my bag was overweight and that it would be a $50 charge!  

It was 58 lbs.  I don’t think he did the math that quick in his head because he was the baggage handler and not the collector of monies….so it must be a flat fee.  Mike H., does this make sense?


Anyway, he didn’t offer any advice and I asked can I move some stuff from one bag to another? He said “Sure you can do that too!”  So I opened up my bags right there at the Easy Check-in counter and started moving things with this long line waiting at 4:30a.m.!  Finally, he said just get it to 52lbs and it will be okay.  His attitude changed with my attempt to make things right.  So I was able to proceed without paying any fee. 

I couldn’t find a scale before I left home, but I suggest weighing your luggage before you get to the airport if you can get a scale.

The real challenge is tomorrow when I have to check-in at Jo’burg heading to Livingstone!  My saving grace may be that I’m using the same airline from New York all the way back home – South African Air.  But as far as local baggage restrictions go I would be 60lbs overweight!


Wish me luck!


I’m crashing at Emerald Guest House in the dormroom style suite.  There are 3 bedrooms that hold a total of 8 people, as well as a common bathroom, sitting room and kitchen.  Guess what? I’m the only one staying in the whole unit!  Not bad for R100 (rand) which is $14US!

Although I’ve been sleeping the last two days on the plane I should get some rest.  I have to drive to Lusaka (recon trip & capital of Zambia) shortly after arriving into Livingstone, Zambia tomorrow…which is a 4 or 5 hour drive…one way.


Happy Trails.

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