• If you have to move stuff in your overweight bags around, consider your carry-on bag as well as your other check-in bag.  Don’t raise suspicion to you carry-on bag possibly being over weight itself!


  • Staying overnight in Jo’burg?  There will be a driver holding a sign with your name on it as you exit the baggage claim section to take you to your lodge or hotel if you confirmed your arrival by email.


  • Don’t put any electronics or valuables in your check-in bags if you can help it.  Or you can lock your bags or have them wrapped in plastic at some major airports.


  • If the plane to Vic Falls/LVI is small and sold out, as you are about to board there will be a cart and people to take your overhead bag away from you because it won’t fit in the overhead bins.  This bag will be safe from theft but not breakage…you can give it up…they will hand it back to you as you walk off the plane at the bottom of the stairs.  Give them your over head bag…not your purse or backpack!!!  Don’t open the bag in front of them if you are concerned about your camera, etc.  Let them take it…or try and get your bag on with you.  But don’t open it up and start taking cameras and laptops out in front of them.


  •  If you need assistance with your baggage, Skycaps in Jo’burg will be wearing an orange outfit and have an ID Tag…don’t hand your bag to someone without those items.


  •  It’s now illegal to tip Jo’burg skycaps with $US.  You won’t have time to go to the ATM for Rand nor will they have change for your Rand.  Ask them if they are okay accepting $US before they take your bags.

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