Livingstone Arrival


90 minutes after takeoff from Jo’burg I arrived to the hot and dusty Livingstone Airport.  The plane pulls up as close to the terminal as possible and lets you off.  Yes…you get off the plane and walk across the tarmac in a line toward the terminal. 

I was first in line at immigration because everyone else was still freaked out from walking on the runway.  I have a 3 year visa for Zambia so I made it through in no time.  Livingstone Airport has one small baggage carousel at Arrivals.  In minutes my red 3.8 Bill’s dry bag with all the donated clothes arrives.  Within minutes two more planes arrive, BA and Nationwide.  Everyone gets there bags and leave…I’m still waiting for my 2nd bag!  I suddenly had visions of the travel gods, that check-in lady and the baggage handlers of Jo’burg all rolling around on the floor laughing at me!

Yup…my second bag is missing!  If it’s any comfort there were about 4 other people on my plane missing their bags too.  Nope…no comfort at all.  I’m supposed to be in a car driving to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and I don’t have my bag!  Damit! 

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