Update — Zambezi 2007

The Mighty Zambezi! 

We survived the Mighty Zambezi River!  13 of us started from Rapid #1 and rafted 6 days down river to the Matesi takeout which is about a 65 mile trip.  Quite a number of people came down with that 24 hour bug (traveler’s sickness) that I like to call Nyami-nyami’s Revenge.  We believe it is from not practicing strict sanitary procedures when it came to food prep and toilet procedures.  A veteran in the rafting community says it is periodic pollution being dumped into the Zambezi River.

 Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe 

After we finished the rafting portion of the trip we met up with 3 more members of our group…Laura, Nancy & Marsha who decided rafting just wasn’t their gig.  Hwange National Park was our next stop for 2 nights.  We stayed in Sable Lodge which butts up against the National Park.  There was lots of wildlife to be viewed and photographed.  Lion and Hyena were spotted.  But the highlight of our drive was an encounter with a herd of about 20 elephants that practically brushed up against one of our trucks then stopped our drive for about 10 minutes when they all decided to drink from a road side water hole that was created by a leaking water pipe.

 Birthday Bonanza 

6 people will celebrate their birthday on this trip.  The first birthday was Mike Sigler. Who turned 72 on our last day on river!  Mine was the following day spent at Sable Lodge in Hwange National Park.  The group talked our chefs into whipping up a rich chocolate cake!  Two days later Nancy Miller celebrated her 60th birthday on the upper Zambezi River during a river boat dinner cruise…of course a good reason to have more chocolate cake!  Have you noticed how I revealed everyone else’s age except mine!  I turned 48 on Sept. 20th. 

 4 Days in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 

Back in Victoria Falls and we are staying at the lovely Lokuthula Lodge which has many warthogs on the property doing a great job of maintaining the lawns!  We are here for 4 nights. 

Day 1:  The group gathered at the Boma Restaurant which serves traditional African food including the meat of all the local wildlife.  We were treated to Shona dancers and singers which was then followed by a magnificent drumming group.  Drums were handed out to the whole audience and we were taught drumming rhythms and then played short compositions with back up from the professionals.  What an amazing experience!

Day 2:  Elephant Back Safari at an elephant rescue reserve!  What a treat viewing wildlife from the back of an elephant as we travel through the Bush!  That night a riverboat cruise on the upper Zambezi with dinner and open bar.

Day 3:  Service Project with the Elderly in Chinotimba Township.  What an indescribable experience to helping the elderly in this community who depend solely on donations.  We repaired 71 broken window panes in their living quarters; drilled and hung curtains in about 32 windows; and removed all the furniture from each of their rooms and scrubbed the floors and walls from top to bottom as well as washed by hand the clothes and bedding of as many residents as possible.  One of the elderly was so sick she lay on the floor the whole time we were there.  In order to hand the curtains and clean the room we had to work around her…but left her with a clean room.  The following day we found out that she had passed away.  Many of us will never forget the experience and emotions from this service project.

Day 4:  Free Day!   Shop…do other activities like the Lion Walk, Visit Victoria Falls National Park and experience High Tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel.  That evening we had a big Thank You Party for Shearwater, the rafting company who took care of our rafting trip.  Not only did we invite the raft guides, but also the porters responsible from humping all the gear down the steep gorge (barefoot) every day running up and down many trips until all the gear is where it belongs.  We also invited the drivers who transport the clients, staff and supplies and the front office who sell the trips.  We watched a video of our raft trip, and much food and drink was consumed.  We ended the evening by presenting everyone with monetary tips and gave a lot of the Shearwater staff our personal river gear as gifts.

 Chobe National Park, Botswana 

We are now in Kasane, Botswana for 24 hours.  We are staying at the lush and scenic Chobe Marina Lodge.  We took a breathtaking riverboat cruise along the banks of the Chobe River which was teaming with wildlife!  What an educational experience we received from our knowledgeable guide Labo.  Tomorrow we have an early morning wildlife drive thru the National Park, then off to Zambezi Sun Hotel in Livingstone Zambia. We also have another birthday to celebrate in our group…Laura Miller (54).

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6 Comments on “Update — Zambezi 2007”

  1. Haya Naser Says:

    What an amazed stories and experiences! Wow!

    I am sorry about elderly woman who had passed away, so sad.

    Happy Birthday to September people!

  2. Norma Lambert Says:

    Hi everybody! This is Laura Miller’s sister and it sounds like you are having an absolute blast. Your descriptions are so good makes me feel almost like I am there. Since riding an elephant happens to be a lifelong dream of mine I can’t wait to hear first hand what it was like. And what agood thing you do by helping all those people. I am sure it is so appreciated. Before I go I would like to wish Laura a happy birthday and I hope she has a great day!

  3. Sara Cabreda Says:

    WOW! Laura Miller is 60?!? That makes me much older than I thought I was…What happened to all the missing 50’s? I love you mom! So glad you’re having fun!!!!!

  4. Sharon Drake Says:

    Happy birthday to all, this is Laura Miller’s other sister!! I am envious, sounds like you are having a great time while helping others who are unable to help themselves, the best kind of vacation. Cannot wait to see pictures!

  5. Steven Allen Says:

    I will also add a Happy Birthday to my YOUNGER Middlest sister. I can assure everybody that she is not 60 (she may feel like it) since I am the oldest and I have a few years to reach 60. Have a great trip and return home safely.

  6. Haya Naser Says:

    One more thing to comment. I was in Africa with Delton’s trip in 2002! It was the best and the most amazed adventureous trip experienced I have ever had that will never ever forget!!! The most wonderful memories that brings! I know how that feels and so inspiration!
    Big Thanks to Delton for making this trips so awesome!!!

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