Happy Birthday Laura Miller!!!!!

My apologies for the misprint of Laura’s age….She turned 54 yesterday!  She’s going to kill me when she finds out the age that I originally published!  All her family members who are reading this and have been following this blog…I will give you 50% of a Daring Journeys trip if you don’t tell her!!!!!  Please!!!!!

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2 Comments on “Happy Birthday Laura Miller!!!!!”

  1. Sally Macken Parisi Says:

    Hi !
    And happy birthday to my good friend Laura Miller, even though I’ll never tell her age!!

    Do I qualify for a 50%off as the first to comment?

    Hope John and Laura are having a great time. I know they are adventurous outdoor lovers.

    See you soon,

  2. Brenda Drake Says:

    Happy Birthday Aunt Laura!! It looks like Jen and Roger are having a great time on the trip – now we want to see pictures of you and Uncle John. 🙂


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