Mirabai’s elephant encounter

Just your typical African Sunset

Jen-Rog @ Vic Falls

Damien on the oars!

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5 Comments on “Pictures…”

  1. Sharon Drake Says:

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful, the sunset was awesome! Makes me wish I was there! Laura and John better have lots of pictures to show us. All you guys have a safe journey home, talk to you soon Laura.

  2. Haya Naser Says:

    What a great photos! I can’t wait to see more photos to come!

  3. Laura Miller Says:

    We’re back from an amazing, enriching, enlightening and wonderful trip – my hat is off to Delton for putting this together. So much work on his part, and so much for us to experience on our part – we definitely had the easier job! What we saw each day varied so much, and the days were packed with possibilities. Africa is a place and a state of mind everyone should experience – I’m just sorry that I couldn’t join the river rafters (although I’d skip that 24-hour bug, thank you very much), because the video we saw of this group on those rapids was not to be believed. And the guides..! What they did was unbelievable!

    Thank you, Delton, for giving me memories of a lifetime.

  4. Mirabai Says:

    WOW! I knew the experiences in Africa would change me, but I had no idea how.

    Already I find myself in a place of much more world-wide awareness. Zimbabwe is no longer a place on the map shown behind a news anchorman. It’s real and so are the people. Like sunflowers amidst a baron desert, these people bear their jasmine-white smiles and ebony-satin skin, always showing kindness and joy, with hearts bigger than the state itself. Although their material riches are few, their riches of life are plentiful. I will never forget the friends and family I found there and the lessons of love I received.

    Delton, thank you for a REAL life experience of South Africa and its people. Because of you, we were able to live Africa!

  5. Esther Knife Says:

    This is an awesome job Delton, keep it up!! Hope to join you on your other adventurous trips. Thank you again for marketing our beautiful Africa!!

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