Zambezi Sun

Our last two days in the Victoria Falls area was spent at the majestic Zambezi Sun Hotel.   The group spent the last two days doing some curio shopping and getting some last peeks at the Falls.  We did take some time to visit Mukuni Village.  Our tour ended at the elementary school with hundreds of kids peering out of their classroom windows eager to meet their new visitors.   A few classrooms came together and performed a few songs and dance routines for us.  We ended our visit by donating clothing to the teachers and Daring Journey frisbees and soccer balls to their PE department.  Our visit was too short, but we made a few friends and left many a smile on a face.

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2 Comments on “Zambezi Sun”

  1. Did you see the Chief?

    Lisa Fung

  2. Haya Naser Says:

    I can see the inspiration hundreds of children eager to meet their new Daring Jouney’s friends. Eventhough it was only too short of a visit but worthy a lot to the children and teachers that made them smile on a face. That is so cool and nice that the children performed a few songs and dance for you all, They are so full of life!

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