Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Well the 12 hour bus ride from Joburg to Bulawayo turned into a 17 hour bus ride after spending several hours getting through each border and customs having to check the purchases of all the passengers…there were hundreds of grocery bags that had to be claimed!  The bus drivers (we have two of them each take turns driving) weren’t in any rush either…stopping along the road to buy items like, sacks of oranges, mealie meal (corn meal), bread, bottled sodas, etc.  I expected this would be the case, but 17 hours???


The blow out of one tyre about 45 minutes outside of Bulawayo was the final delay and actually the shortest delay of them all.  Everyone chipped in to help change the tyre (how it’s spelled here) and other busses and trucks came to the rescue to provide additional jacks to get the bus lifted to the proper height.


I finally arrive in Bulawayo…hot…tired…smelly!  Now I get to met and greet folks and spend the rest of the day smoozing!  I arrive to the Hilton Hotel in Bulawayo and find all the chiefs of Zimbabwe having an annual gathering!  Wow, don’t think I’ve been around so much royalty…ever!!!!!


While in the Holiday Inn preparing for my meetings, I actually run into an old acquaintance, Grace, who previously work at Elephant Hills and Frontiers in Vic Falls and now runs Sales at the Hilton in Bulawayo and Chris, one of the tour guides/drivers of Touch the Wild in Hwange National Park…talk about small world…the folks I was meeting were impressed!  Enough that they comped me lodging in all of the locations that I would be staying over the duration of my Journey in Zimbabwe!

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