Arrived in Joburg!

Delton arrives - Joburg AirportDaring Journeys is back in Africa!

Landed in Africa with all my bags this time!  Elsie, the school teacher helping me set-up Service Projects here, is new to Africa and is ear-to-ear smiles!

I’ll be in Southern Africa for two months during this Journey and will have a few friends join me along the way…there is still room if anyone is interested in joining another Daring Journey!

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6 Comments on “Arrived in Joburg!”

  1. Cindy Wheeler Says:

    I’ll be standing right there next week!

  2. Howard & Lark Says:

    Checked in on your Journal. Looking forward to following you on your “Daring Journey.”

  3. Rose Says:

    Someone is missing from the picture!

  4. Haya Says:

    I am really looking forward to this many project service opporunities next year!! I am all ready!! That is so awesome and so wonderful that Daring Journeys do and provides!! Thank you Daring Journeys so much for everything and many more!!!
    I love you Daring Journeys!!! 🙂
    See you next year!

  5. Miraboo Says:

    Just wanna know one thing……..what did I do to get off the mailing list? I didn’t even know there was service projects this year. Darn! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Thanks for keeping the blog.
    Love You,

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