Harare, Zimbabwe

I’m now in Harare, Zimbabwe!  All my Zambian friends think I’m crazy!  But what an experience and Harare is not as bad as everyone has made it out to be!  It’s a decent size bustling city with some unique high-rise architecture.


Robert Mugabe, Thabo Mbeke and Morgan Tsvangirai are in one of the conference rooms in the hotel I’m staying in (The Rainbow Towers) banging out a power sharing deal for running Zimbabwe!!!  They came to an agreement yesterday and on Monday they will do a ceremonial signing and give the details of the power share.  I might want to exit before that, just in case the people aren’t happy with the details of this agreement!  If you have been keeping up on current events, you know this is the biggest thing happening in Africa at the moment along with Jacob Zuma’s charges being dropped for corruption, etc. in South Africa giving him the go-ahead to run and replace Mbeke as the South African president next year.  Mbeke is here in the hotel and is the mediator for the negotiations for the power share between the Zimbabwean leaders Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai!


Hotel I stayed in where Zimbabwe leaders negotiated an agreement

Hotel I stayed in where Zimbabwe leaders negotiated an agreement











I leaving Harare today heading to Masvingo to visit the Great Ruins of Zimbabwe…I hope…I’m located one of my 3 missing check-in bags and may have to hang out another day for the rest of them!

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