Johannesburg aka Joburg or Jozi (South Africa)

We land in the newly renovated Joburg Airport (in prep for the 2010 World Cup) an hour early and 3 hours earlier than my original flight from NY would have landed.  I would have never made that connection…great deal!!  So I thought.  My 3 check-in bags never made it on the plane!  Lost bags in Joburg…Ugh!  They are infamous for going through your bags when your bags are sitting around lost and helping them selves to your belongings!  Most of my contents were donated clothes.  I carried on two bags that have a change of clothing for 3 days as well as two laptops, camera and other gizmos!  It’s hard pretending that a carry-on bag and a back pack aren’t 100lbs!  But you must carry on the important items if you want to ensure you’ll have them when you reach your destination in Africa! 

So know I’m on the bus ride from Joburg, South Africa to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  I’m a little worried because I wasn’t able to make the Greyhound Bus schedule work for me so I had to down grade to a not-as-nice bus company…everyone one this bus has done their shopping for the month in South Africa and are now traveling back to Zimbabwe where they can no longer purchase such necessities.  I don’t know how they make it all fit in the storage compartments and a lot of their goods are sharing the seat with them!  The bus is making this crazy rattling sound when we go fast, so It may take me longer than expected to reach Bulawayo!

Tomorrow morning when I arrive I’ll have been traveling 3 days without a shower and have to meet a few General Managers who manage safari lodges, tour packages and ground transport.  I hope they can give me a room before I meet them!  Phew!

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